Self defined job position - Carve your own future; Tell us what you can do for our Game Studio

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Self defined job position - Carve your own future; Tell us what you can do for our Game Studio

Unread post by Gamucatex » 02 Jul 2021, 14:21

About our game

We are developing a prototype of a digital educational card game in a historical/ mythological universe. The aim is to inspire learning of history and other subjects. The upcoming game is in pre production.

The player will be taking charge of a civilization that will go through history. Letting you experience what happened in the past according to historical records. Decisions making and dilemmas open for an engaging gameplay. While diplomacy, trade and wars are bound to start conflicts. This innovative game sees characters in cards moving combat on a grid format. The inspiration comes from: Magic, Civilizations, Age of Empires and Heroes.


Remote (you are welcome in the physical office) part time position in a startup, we all work here and enjoy the experience. Currently we don’t have any money. Payment will happen after the game is sold or reaches founding; because of this you must have a passion for the job.

The position & Responsibilities

We want to try something new, so we are posting an open position were anyone who thinks they can add value to our startup can apply. If you can see yourself working in a game studio then you must identify what you can do for us in your application, please be pro-active. And if you have more than one idea in mind let us know. We already have postings for a Game Designer, Developer/Programmer, Leader of our Art Department and a Graphic Artist, so if you are thinking about applying for those, check out these positions. But if you have another talent you think can benefit for a collaboration? Whether you are a student, an intern or our new mentor, we want to hear from you!

  • You can communicate well in English
  • You can work remotely, online. You are welcome in our office
  • You are pro active, collaborative, committed, self-responsible and self-motivated
  • You can allocate sufficient time for the project
  • You are driven by passion not by a monthly salary
  • You can follow and help develop our working style
  • You can onboard yourself in this open position
  • You have your own equipment needed for you position
  • You are not applying for Danish virksomhedspraktik through the jobcenter/A-kasse
Planned interview process

You can apply here:

We plan to carry out two rounds of interviews, we imagine an online interview, potentially on a weekend. If you apply before the 26th of July, you can get invited for an interview the first week of august, If you apply later the interview will take place first week of September.
For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4525722969

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