[RULES] and guidlines for job posts

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[RULES] and guidlines for job posts

Unread post by jonaz.dk » 20 Jul 2021, 20:15

- Jobs has to be games industry relevant and does not include affiliate web sites etc. Somewhat related creative and technical jobs can be ok. Eg. 'a VR focused company mainly doing client projects looking for 3D programmers/artists.' Contact admin if in doubt.
- No spam or sneaky SEO posts disguising as a genuine job post are allowed. (Usually casino related)
- Evil Admin will kill posts and deactivate accounts at will on best judgement.
- Looking for a jobs/internships/partners within the games industry with relevant skills/projects is totally welcome.

Protips for job posts: Not required but just a general recommendation.
- Remember >>contact information<< link form, email or otherwise. People generally don't log in here that much to see private messages.
- Be as informative as possible regarding the job posting. Try to inspire potential applicants with how awesome your project/company is. Visuals are always nice if possible.
- Specify if it is a paid/unpaid/internship position.
- Starting date, application deadline, length and type of employment.
- Language is whatever you are comfortable with.

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