Unity Developer to join Triheart Studio working on Golfie

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Unity Developer to join Triheart Studio working on Golfie

Unread post by lordubbe » 11 Oct 2021, 08:57

We're looking for a talented developer to join the team to work on our title Golfie, starting as soon as possible! Part time or full time possible. Check out the Golfie press kit here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-oh ... Vq3cg/edit

The ideal candidate has:
- Experience working in Unity
- Proficiency in C#
- Interest in making great code that is extendable and maintainable
- Flair for what makes a game fun
- Interest in good level design

What you will be doing:
- Working on features across the entire project
- Implementing new cards and perks
- Producing new rooms for the level generation
- Player data and stats tracking
- Fixing bugs and in general just making the game better

It's also great if you happen to have other talents like animating, sound effects, artistic flair, or something else entirely! We're a very small team, so we want to play to everyone's strengths - including yours!

Salary expectations: 20k - 35k, depending on qualifications and whether you want to work full time.

We care about people, not race, gender and so on - hit us up on admin@triheart.dk and don't forget to attach or link your CV, portfolio and any other relevant material!

We're excited to talk to you! 🎉

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