Khora is hiring a PAID fulltime CG Artist

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Khora is hiring a PAID fulltime CG Artist

Unread post by Khora » 18 Nov 2021, 14:56

Khora is an award-winning Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality production studio, creating cutting-edge content within multiple application areas. We are 20 full-time employees, and over the last four years, we have produced more than 200 VR/AR applications and hosted more than 800 workshops and events. We are exploring the value potential of VR and AR through meaningful collaborations and partnerships. We work within multiple industries, with a deep understanding of the technologies and of how and why businesses and institutions should work within these emerging mediums.

We are seeking a new colleague for the position of CG Artist. You will be responsible for generating 3D imagery for VR and AR on mobile, PC, and MAC, based on the Unity framework. Your primary responsibilities will be 3D modelling, texturing, UVing, lighting, particle simulation, shader graph, and VFX graph. A commitment to collaborative problem solving, and outgoing approach, and a quality product are essential.

Our website:

  • Working closely with programmers and project managers to establish an effective pipeline and have a well-optimized application
    3D modelling assets in Maya
    Texturing, UV unwrapping, and material creation in Substance Suite
    Creating shaders in shader graph and VFX graph
    Compositing and VFX in After Effects
    Integrating assets into Unity, including light baking and generalist work
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity
    Excellent knowledge Maya
    Excellent knowledge of Substance Suite
    Experience with shader graph and VFX graph
    Experience with mobile, PC, and Mac development
    Experience with light baking
    Experience with optimizing geometry for use on mobile devices
    Ability to constantly learn and stay in touch with evolving VR and AR standards and development technologies
    Ability to take constructive criticism from project leads
    Strong understanding of visual composition, and an intuitive eye
    Strong understanding of Unity shaders and Unity Universal Render Pipeline
    Proficient knowledge of versioning tools such as GIT and Unity Collab
Plusses if you:
  • Have experience animating and rigging
    Have experience with programming
    Have prior experience with VR and AR
    2-3 years of working experience
    Hold a bachelors in the visual arts or game design
Send an application through the Hub and please include Cover Letter, CV, and portfolio. We will be conducting interviews as we receive the applications and will carry on with the interviews until we have found a good fit.

Apply here:

The start date will be as early as 1st December 2021

For more information or questions please contact us at

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