American College Game Dev Looking for Internship

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American College Game Dev Looking for Internship

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I am Milo Wilson from Atlanta, Georgia. Currently, I am enrolled at Kennesaw State University with Game Design as my major. This summer while visiting my grandparents in Copenhagen I would love to get an internship in my field. The areas of my interest are level design, programming, and a close-up look at the industry. I will be available from June 6 to July 22, 2022, to work with a company in the Copenhagen area. My primary language is English and I’ve been practicing Danish and would love to practice some more.

I have been able to program many games in my three years at Kennesaw. The specific languages I am familiar with are C++, C#, and Java. I have worked on a few group projects and am even working on one now, my role is that of team organizer making sure my teammates hit deadlines and stay on top of their work. I tend to work as one of the programmers and designers of the main gameplay. I have also done some UI work. For fun, I have joined the Georgia State game development group Aurora where students get together and make games. I have also participated in a few game jams. All of the work that I have done has been in Unity, and I have been trying to explore other game engines like Unreal 4. Most times when I collaborate my teams have used Unity teams but in one of my new projects I am learning how to use GitHub.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel with all of my projects from college. Not all of them are voiced over by me. YouTube Channel:

My LinkedIn: ... 488075777/

Please contact me with possible internships at

Look forward to working with you.

Milo Wilson

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