Studio looking for experienced HTML5 developer for unannounced casual game

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Studio looking for experienced HTML5 developer for unannounced casual game

Unread post by 9/10 » 23 May 2022, 13:18

We are a new start-up studio with focus on delivering small scope fun and tightly designed titles. The team currently consists of 4 people, covering game design, art, UI/UX, and audio. All members with a history from the gaming industry.

This development journey will begin later this year (ETA shared with candidate once solidified).

You are an experienced HTML5 developer with a history of developing game(s) for mobile platforms.
Finding a candidate who falls in naturally with the team and is relaxed to be around is important. We expect you to be able to show a track record of previous development projects to help us understand why your skillset is top notch and compatible with a bunch of creative, ambitious, and very friendly colleagues. You have played games yourself (and maybe you still do!)

As it is an unannounced project it is limited what can be mentioned here. But, it is a mid-core fantasy multiplayer game designed into a small scope. We aim to develop for hyper casual platforms but set up for scalable titles should it prove to be successful 😊 Keeping these small scope ‘boundaries’ alive and respected helps us set up to push meaningful iterations within reasonable timeframes, after the title goes live.

We do prefer someone who is in the Copenhagen area, but our DMs are open for other regions as well (never say never).
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