[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a Generalist Software Engineer

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[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a Generalist Software Engineer

Unread post by HPY_Max » 07 Sep 2022, 15:38

Edit 28/09/22: The listing is now closed and we are considering applicants.

Half Past Yellow is a small independent game development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We released 🐸 Time on Frog Island 🐸 earlier this year and are now working on 👁️ Our Next Thing 👁️

At Half Past Yellow we strongly believe that interesting, talented people will tend to make great, innovative experiences. As a small team and a tight-knit group, we generally look for someone that can bring fresh ideas to the games we make and join us in challenging each other to be better. With a strong background in rapid-prototyping and game-jamming, we strive to constantly experiment and push the boundaries of what makes games fun and engaging across all sorts of different genres and art styles.

As Generalist Software Engineer you will be a part of the game creation process, including architectural design, implementation, and debugging on multiple platforms—working on complex problems with Designers, Artists and other Engineers in domains including rendering, gameplay, audio, user interface, physics, and tools. You will report directly to the studio’s management and have influence on most of the technical aspects of game development.

This position is for within commuting range of Copenhagen, Denmark with an option for partial work-from-home if desired.

Earliest possible start is October 3rd.
Applications are open until the 23rd of September.

  • Collaborate with designers, artists, and other engineers for feature development
  • Refine systems throughout the development cycle of the project
  • Provide feedback, guidance and solutions for improvement and optimizations
  • Create tooling to assist in the development pipeline

  • Self-motivated with strong collaborative and communication skills
  • Solid architecture, system design, and analytical skills
  • Ability to write clear, maintainable, portable code
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Strong math skills related to development of gameplay systems (Linear Algebra, Vector Math, Probability)
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent training and professional experience

  • Experience with multiple game engines and programming languages (our current project is in C#)
  • Experience with 3rd party APIs
  • Experience with technical domains related to game development such as but not limited to: procedural mesh generation/manipulation, compute shaders/GPGPU, custom physics sim, signed distance fields, AI etc.

If this sounds like it could be you - please don't hesitate to apply! We're nice!
Apply Here!

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