Sublab Games is looking for an intern (audio/programming/game design/graphics)

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Sublab Games is looking for an intern (audio/programming/game design/graphics)

Unread post by HermanSublab » 13 Oct 2022, 10:11

We are Sublab Games, a small game studio located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark. We have
developed several mobile and web-based games, and are currently fully engaged in developing
tools, prototypes and games for LEGO Games. If you are the intern we are looking for please take a look at the internship description that matches your skillset and interest.

Unity Developer/Programmer ... 202022.pdf

Graphic 2D/3D Artist ... 202022.pdf

Game Desginer ... 202022.pdf

Game Audio ... 202022.pdf

What We Can Offer
• An informal, creative environment
• Passionate, fun colleagues
• A large freedom in defining tasks

Who We Are
We are creative and curious and we strive to develop original ideas with a strong focus on quality
and gameplay. We value our social life and often engage in activities outside the office. If you want
to see an example of what we do, head to the Unity Hub’s learn tab and check out the
LEGO Microgame or engage in battle in our online game at

Please send us your application no later than December 1st.

Best Regards.
Sublab Games
+45 5358 1046

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