Javascript Front-end/Full-stack Developer

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Javascript Front-end/Full-stack Developer

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Are you the person who can take over the development of a successful (airline manager) game and work wonders based on an already existing code base? - then this is the job for you!

Trophy Games is a First North listed game company, and the ambitions for the coming years are high. We strive to put Trophy Games on the map globally, with our own developed games and by acquiring game studios with great potential and synergies. For the coming journey, we’re looking for the person who can take over the full-stack development of one of our most successful titles, Airline Manager 4. You won’t be alone as the main developer is still on the project, but as he needs to focus on new titles, this opportunity to continue development based on already existing (spaghetti) code, is now open.

We’re looking for the person who can step into this full-time position and who feels comfortable applying
their creative and technical talent in these areas:

● High priority competences/experience:
○ Javascript development based on existing code base (jQuery)
○ Game or interactive javascript experience
○ Cross-platform/responsive development
○ API utilisation experience
○ GIT experience
○ Relevant experience (2+ years) or education

● Lower priority competences/experience:
○ Javascript animation
○ Javascript framework experience (VUE preferably or React/Angular/other frameworks)
○ Linux
○ MySql
○ Laravel
○ Scrum

On top of feeling, more or less, comfortable with the above, you're a team player used to achieving your goals in collaboration with others and you’re not afraid to air your opinions and insights with your team members, whilst still listening to theirs - all in pursuit of the greatest final result.

You will join our Airline team of 4 people, being part of +40 geeky and creative professionals throughout the Trophy Games organization, on a mission to make games people want to play for decades. We have an office filled with awesome people, lots of
coffee (and beer) and great vibes - which is basically all you need to create awesome games! To create games, we play games, we discuss and invent, and then we are pretty good at celebrating.

Some of the other perks of working at Trophy Games are the location in the center of Copenhagen, a flexible working schedule and the possibility to work from home when needed. This creates the perfect work-life balance and carve out time for your kids, friends
and personal side projects. We favor diversity and embrace individuality and different backgrounds. We strive to create a relaxed and comfortable environment where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves.

No later than end of Sunday December 4th, send your CV and cover letter to:
If you want to know more before doing that, please contact:
Sigurd Hjorth Andersen at or +45 4017 9760
We're excitedly awaiting your application! :D

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