PortaPlay is hiring Game Artists

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PortaPlay is hiring Game Artists

Unread post by shalev » 28 Nov 2022, 15:20

We are PortaPlay:
an indie studio in central Copenhagen,
makers of Broken Lines and Gerda: A Flame in Winter.
We're hiring two full time artist positions: Follow the links for details and to apply!
Deadline for applications is 15 December 2022

You can read more about us below:


PortaPlay is your friendly neighbourhood developer, combining deep storytelling with non-casual gameplay.
We primarily develop premium games grounded in reality but with a fantastic twist.
We are artistically ambitious, and make bold games that go beyond entertainment to say something about our world.
We work mostly on our own IP but have some work-for-hire on the side.
The company has an ongoing partnership with the French developer/publisher DON’T NOD (Life is Strange, Tell Me Why, Vampyr, etc).
Our work culture is focused, sociable and friendly.
We value open discussion and respectful feedback, sharing ideas and opinions, taking initiative and thinking ahead.
We encourage every person in our team to have their own creative autonomy,
where work with directors and other stakeholders is an open conversation around shared goals.
PortaPlay is an English-speaking team of around 17+ people with a semi-flat structure:
small departments for art, sound, tech, narrative, and design, each with a single lead.
We are an equal opportunities employer and encourage people of any and every background to apply.

​We cannot wait to get to know you! 💖

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