Student searching for either an Intership or Volunteer job

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Student searching for either an Intership or Volunteer job

Unread post by MainMoxyz » 08 Dec 2022, 14:34

Hello, my name is Dean.

I'm a student at DMJX in Copenhagen for Interaktive design. I am looking for either an Intership or a Volunteer job, after school or in the weekends, to help me expand and hone my skillsets.

My knowledge set mostly include 2D Illustration and Character design, but i am being tought in 3D modelling, interface design, Motion graphics & VFX, programming and game design. But im more than eager to learn rigging and animation too.

My tool set include, the Adobe Package, Clip studio Paint, Harmony, Visual Studio Code, CSS, C#, Blender and Unity. Although i can be easily tought and transfer my skills to other programs and tools.

I am looking for studios based in Copenhagen so i can be present and learn as much as possible. I am also willing to do Gametesting. I am available from 16:00 on school days and all day in the weekend.

My preferred, Languages are Danish and English, but i understand Swedish and Norwegian Bokmål too.

If having a learning student on staff interest you, please contact at

Kind Regards. Dean.

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