LF a programmer who is interested in AI generated text and android+iOS app development

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LF a programmer who is interested in AI generated text and android+iOS app development

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I am in the process of seeking funding for a phone game utilizing AI generated text.
Therefore I am looking for a programmer/tech responsible person who:

- Is inspired by the project and interested in having their name on the application
- Being responsible for developing the prototype (Only in case we secure funding)

The game:

diAlogue is a smartphone game where two players and an AI collaborate in order to create a conversation.

When communicating, player one is given AI generated sentence suggestions.
They choose one and send it off. On the other side player two reads the sentence and is given AI generated responses. They choose one and send it off. And back and forth it goes.
The core game mechanic allows the player to influence the AI generated sentences and the coherency of the conversation, by switching out words in the given sentences with words of their own choosing.
The conversation has a time limit and after the time has run out both players are invited to vote on the conversation they created. If they vote the same they advance to the second stage of dialogue where new game mechanics are added and interaction between the players is increased.
After two players succeed in going through a small number of stages they are invited to connect with IRL info.

The game is intended as a light hearted, creative and gamified augmentation of the conversations we have on different message platforms (from telegram, linkedin, messenger to dating apps and online forums).
It taps into the human desire to create meaning out of randomness, to be creative and connect playfully with strangers.

About me:

My background is in the arts and project management. I have experience with developing game prototypes, game funding and art projects relating to games.
The last two years I have taught game design, with my primary focus being Blender and modelling game assets.
I value clear communication, collaboration and meaningful work.
It is very important for me to be able to pay salary for work and I will not require unpaid work.

About you:

You have some knowledge of AI generated text - preferably with GPT-2 or another open source AI which we can use as a prototype.
You have experience with android/iOS app development.
You are independently thinking, comfortable with sharing new ideas, solutions and a problem solver.
You have a network within the game development field.
You are interested on working with the project if funding is secured.

These requirements are not strict, a strong candidate can also develop some of these skills during the project!

Does this catch your interest?
Do you want to have a chat and ask questions?
Or maybe you would like to meet for a coffee if you live in CPH?
Send me an email with a short introduction to yourself and CV.


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