2 unity devs + 1 graphics artist

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2 unity devs + 1 graphics artist

Unread post by AkselK » 03 Jan 2023, 13:52

Game dev team to LUCUS

LUCUS seeks two unity developers + one graphics artist who can animate.

We are looking for a mini team of two unity developers plus a graphics artist who can animate in the unity engine. We are building an educational casual game to help children train important skills.

At the moment, we work remotely, so feel free to apply from all parts of the country (or other countries). We communicate and meet daily on slack, zoom and use trello and GitHub.

We are already running so do not hesitate to apply. It could just be a short email saying "alright, interested" and then send along CV and some time slots for a possible talk.

Salary: between 25 and 30 K depending on skills and experience.

Reach out to:
Aksel Køie
+45 27293150


At LUCUS we make educational games for mobile devices. A developer working for us would be interested in creating serious game solutions on mobile devices within education, communication and entertainment. We use Unity but try hard to be as 2D about it as possible.

Who are you:
- you have experience with Unity and C#
- you have experience developing apps for mobile devices
- you are used to communicating with a team
- you can plan a project code wise
- you have an interest in working with serious games and products
- you are good at keeping a calm overview, even - or especially - during crunch time
- you are hardworking, flexible and stabile.

So, if you wanna work for a company that makes games on smart devices with a twist and a purpose (!) then drop us a line and come by for a meeting. We want to meet you!

Read more about us and the company: http://lucus.dk/en/

Start: as soon as possible
Salary: based on qualifications

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