(PAID) Mads & Friends are looking for a Unity programmer

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(PAID) Mads & Friends are looking for a Unity programmer

Unread post by Mads » 14 Jan 2023, 19:35


Are you interested in working on a beautiful and exciting 2D project together with the people behind The Forest Quartet?

The position is a on freelance basiss (payment will be B-income or CVR) and is not bound to any special location, as long as you are willing to meet in person from time to time.

You need to be:
1. Fast at prototyping
2. Knowing how to find creative solutions/when to kill idea that was never meant to live.
3. Solid communication skills (IMPORTANT)
4. Ok, with recieving e-mails on a Saturday.
5. Having shipped at least 1 game (student games are acceptable)

About Mads & Friends:
The studio behind The Forest Quartet, published by Bedtime Digital Games, supported by PlayStation's Indies fund and Spilordningen. Mads & Friends have a great network of musicians, directors, artists and highly talented game developers and are constantly looking to expand their network in order to create better content for the world.
“The Forest Quartet left me feeling hopeful about the future. It’s a story about the resilience of the human spirit, the healing power of music and the profound, unshakeable impact that art can have on the world.”
4/5 – The Guardian

Contact: madsvadsholt@gmail.com

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