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Bitfire Games (DarkSwarm) Is hiring a Senior Generalist Game Artist (Closed)

Posted: 09 Mar 2023, 16:32
Job Description:
The ideal candidate we are looking for will be a well rounded game artist with a big flair for 3D sci-fi art with hard and soft surfaces. An area of specialization would be amazing and we will look at each individual application to evaluate the best fit for the project on a case by case basis.

What we are looking for is an artist that has a deep practical understanding of the workflows in Unreal Engine. And is preferably (but not absolutely required) using Blender as the main 3D software package or is willing to learn.

More info and to apply for the position go here: >>>>>
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Hi guys! We are in the fortunate situation that we will be hiring a Senior Unreal Engine Developer at out new studio in Copenhagen!

In collaboration with Ghost Ship Games/Publishing and our already growing wonderful community we are working on creating the best of games in the category.

Last Wednesday we launched the Announcement trailer at the GSG's 5 year anniversary event. And BOOOOM!
In our relative terms, the internet exploded with excitement over our upcoming game reaching 300.000+ views on Youtube and a massive influx of Steam wishlists and input from people for all over the world offering their help and support.

We are absolutely floored and blessed by the announcement of the game and now we REALLY have to build an amazing game for a super nice and supportive audience.

This is a VERY EARLY teaser of what we are working on. We will take the game much further if we can find the right candidates to work on the project. Maybe it's YOU?! :)

DarkSwarm on Steam here:

We would love to hear from you if this has caught your interest! And we hope we can make you want to be part of this already >amazing< journey!

Dark and swarm!
From yours truly and the Bitfire Games team.

More info and to apply for the position go here: >>>>>
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