[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a Game Designer

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[CLOSED] Half Past Yellow is hiring a Game Designer

Unread post by HPY_Max » 04 Apr 2023, 11:31

Edit 04/05/23: The listing is now closed and we are considering applicants.

Half Past Yellow is a small independent game development studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We released 🐸 Time on Frog Island 🐸 last year and are now in the production stage of 👁️ Our Next Thing 👁️

At Half Past Yellow we strongly believe that interesting, talented people will tend to make great, innovative experiences. As a small team and a tight-knit group, we generally look for someone that can bring fresh ideas to the games we make and join us in challenging each other to be better. With a strong background in rapid-prototyping and game-jamming, we strive to constantly experiment and push the boundaries of what makes games fun and engaging across all sorts of different genres and art styles.

As a Game Designer at Half Past Yellow, you will have the opportunity to touch all facets of design; gameplay, levels, systems, narrative, etc. In the short term you will have a more focused role working within level design, puzzle design, and gameplay design for our latest project. You will work closely with artists and designers to create interesting game levels and new puzzle mechanics. Then, as we move on to new projects you will have the ability to guide the pre-production phase alongside the game director and the rest of the team. You will report directly to the studio’s management and have influence on most aspects of the design for our current project and future games.

This position is for within commuting range of Copenhagen, Denmark with flexible hours and an option for partial work-from-home if desired.

Expected start is June 1st
Applications are open until May 4th

  • Collaborate with designers and artists to create fun and unique gameplay experiences
  • Build game spaces in-engine using tools and assets developed by other departments
  • Creating and maintaining documentation, function specs, diagrams and other supporting material
  • Contribute to workshops and brainstorming sessions to help define features
  • Run playtests, record feedback, and refine the game experience
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest game development trends and technologies

  • Self-motivated with strong collaborative and communication skills
  • Strong design skills and the ability to clearly convey ideas verbally and in documentation
  • Familiarity with Unity3D: creating/editing/maintaining scenes
  • Ability to rapidly block out and iterate on levels in-engine
  • Ability to take direction and accept critical review of your work
  • Passionate about games and the industry as a whole

  • Previous puzzle design experience
  • Familiarity with other game engines
  • Love of puzzle/adventure/platforming games
  • Be different from us: enjoy different game genres, have different hobbies, etc.

If this sounds like it could be you - please don't hesitate to apply! We're nice!
Apply Here!

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