[Closed] Witchsight Studio is looking for a Game Designer

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[Closed] Witchsight Studio is looking for a Game Designer

Unread post by Witchsight » 24 Apr 2023, 12:18

Job Listing: Game Developer
Witchsight is establishing its core team for development of its first title Thaumaturge. As the team's Game Developer you will be tasked with developing game mechanics and designing levels within the established game-play loop.

You will be working closely with the founder of Witchsight to bring his vision to life. The goal is that over time you will take full ownership of the game-play within the game.

You must see the tile-based world design as an opportunity, rather than an impediment, and should be excited to explore the challenges of developing a game for Virtual Reality.

  • Expanding and testing the existing game-loop.
  • Designing and documenting levels on a technical and practical level.
  • Creating game elements that support the game-loop and your level design.
  • Collaborate and coordinate with the team to ensure both your own and the team's productivity.
  • Experience with game development.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine.
  • Proficiency with programming, preferably UE Blueprints.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine Gameplay Ability System.
  • You must be able to self-manage and be productive without having deadlines enforced on you.
  • In time you will be the one setting the vision for the game-play.
  • You get a salary and a generous bonus package.
  • You become part of a team where you are important.
While we would love to see candidates that match all requirement, we are open to applications that would need training in some areas. Please state in your application the areas where you feel you need training and how you would address that.

The core team will consist of you, a Software Developer and a Game Designer. The team will be supported by a freelance sound designer and a freelance choreographer. The team will operate on principles of a Teal organization.

Witchsight is currently looking for office space at different locations in the greater Copenhagen area. While working from home on occasion should be possible, the majority of the work will be on site. If you have requirements or restriction to the work location, please state so in the application.

If this listing sounds interesting to you please submit a written application targeting this position at witchsight.dk

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