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Sci-Fi Happy Sound Designer - Ghost Ship Games

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[/size]If your experience lies within the computer games industry, you enjoy vast collaboration, being a bit technical and you make killer doom and gloom sound - then you might enjoy boarding the Ghost Ship!

Your Contribution :
You will augment the gaming-experience creating immersive worlds of sound through your ability to manipulate sound assets, voice recordings and music.
You will be working closely with both designers, artists and programmers in creating an intriguing game experience. Although you can get support from programmer-colleagues you are the one setting up the sound in Unreal.
While you have great artistic freedom, your point of departure will be the existing dark and gritty both primal and clunky mechanical universe of Deep Rock Galactic.

The Game and The Team:
Ghost Ship Games is a smaller studio with a large player base, so expect to work on a lot of different parts of the game and refine it based on player feedback. Your work has an impact directly in the game!
New updates are frequently released, so expect it to be months and not years before players get to experience your work.
Your work will be played by millions of players all around the world. Deep Rock Galactic is one of the top 100 most played games on Steam with one of the nicest and most active communities, with whom we have great interaction.
You are the only sound person, and will be an integral part of GSG as a whole, working across all internal projects.

We imagine that you;
Have solid experience from a similar role within the games industry or perhaps even film/tv or advertising.
  • You have good technical knowledge and have done some basic coding preferably in Blueprint for Unreal, so will be of to a flying start if you have experience with Unreal
  • You have previously produced a large variety of sound assets and tackled voice recordings with voice actors
  • You know producing sounds also means sometimes producing elements that will not be used
  • It is an absolute plus if you have game-development experience.
We expect that:
  • You enjoy the sci-fi genre and working in the doom and gloom atmosphere of DGR
  • You have a tremendous amount of collaboration will and skill, comfortable with both giving and receiving feedback
  • You thrive with a strong partnership especially with the Art Director and you collaborate extensively with the entire team especially programmers and game designers
  • You are an active contributor to GSG crew in general being a great colleague and a positive influence.
What we offer
As we are creating games we, ourselves, like to play, we are also creating a workspace we like to work in. Read more about us here: and about the game here:
Ghost Ship Games has enjoyed quite a bit of success and we’ve all been a part of this. This is why we, on top of an industry-competitive salary, have created a great bonus scheme.
In addition, we have a solid pension scheme plus health- and dental insurance, paid parental leave, six weeks paid vacation and extra days off e.g. when your kids are sick.
We hire great talent, but first and foremost great people, with full lives and we don't expect you to do a bunch of overtime - so we manage our deadlines instead! We also want you to have flexibility in your work life so we have flexible hours and the possibility to work from home - mainly on Fridays.

If you are prone to seasickness - don’t worry we do not have offices on a ship 😀 But we are currently looking for bigger abodes (still centrally located in Copenhagen, close to public transport) as we are growing!

Practical information
This is a full time position starting as soon as possible. The position is based in Copenhagen, for this role we do not offer relocation or full remote work.
Please submit your CV, application and examples of your work on
We are interviewing continuously so please let us hear from you as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the abovementioned e-mail address.

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