Game designer unpaid Internship with Serious Games Interactive

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Game designer unpaid Internship with Serious Games Interactive

Unread post by egenfeldt » 09 Aug 2023, 12:30

We are looking for a intern for game design that is interested in being involved in a number of ongoing projects. You will especially be involved in play testing, user involvement (with children), level design, paper prototyping, and game balancing but also potentially new game projects that we start up.

You would probably be involved in our IP for childrens product around a new take on Memory and another on Hide n' Seek. You could also be involved in our own IP on a cybersecurity game called RxB. But also 2 ongoing projects for clients addressing cllimate education, and another related to clinical trials.

Following the internship it may be possible to be associatd as a student helper for various game design related tasks.

Serious Games Interactive ApS has been developing both own IP and customer projects for the last +15 years. We have a full team sitting in Copenhagen.

As an intern you will be setting with our team in Copenhagen (Østerbro) .

Language: Danish preferred but English is also acceptable.

Education: You are typically at a relevant game program, and look for 8-12 weeks.
Period: August 2023 - December 2023
Scope: 25-37 hours a week

If you are interested drop contact us below.
Serious Games Interactive ApS
Ryesgade 106A 3-4 floor
2100 Copenhagen
Att: Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen
Simon Egenfeldt-Nielsen
Ph.d, Cand. Psych.
CEO Serious Games Interactive

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