Looking for script programmer (solved)

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Looking for script programmer (solved)

Unread post by emilarsen » 26 Oct 2023, 15:19

Hi guys,
I am currently looking for a programmer of sorts who can produce a script for me. The script can be executed in InDesign, LaTeX, Excel, or in a similar affordable program. (solved)


I have created a sci-fi adventure dungeon crawler type board game, which I had on Kickstarter earlier this year. This game contains 7 campaign books with a combined page count of 1,000+.
During my prototype production I have just produced this in Word. And while I am proficient in regular InDesign use. I cannot find a feasible way to merge, maintain, and export this type of product, as it requires a modularity not used in regular data merge processes.
This is especially true, should I get involved in localizing the game in different languages.

The goal is to get a customized script produced, which allows me creative control over all formatting, continuously adjusting content by editing Excel data, and the ability to export this data as information and images on individual pages as PDFs for later digital and print use.

  • The script compiles information presented in Excel (xlsx or CSV) and exports 1 PDF page per Excel row.
    The different styles and formatting can be edited in a central header or separate file.
    The script must handle between 10 and 30 inputs/information per page/row (content in cells) and their corresponding formatting (max 60 data points per page).
    It can pull from a folder and handle PNG as overlays and JPG as inserts on a page when compiling.
    It can scale output as 72 dpi or 300 dpi (digital and print).
    It can compile on a standard A4 sized document, with/without 5 mm bleed.
  • I will provide a full scope, an Excel setup, folders, and all content.
    Payment is agreed upon before start.
    I do not expect it to be a long or complicated process for a person with knowledge in this field. And I would of course like to be involved, as I understand basic programming, styling, and such.
    Communication in English (or Danish), mail and Discord.
    Project is paid upon completion.

Let me know if this is of interest to you :)
Thanks a lot, and have a great day.
Best regards Emil Larsen

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