Artistic Lead for Unreal 3D 'Horde Survivor' game

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Artistic Lead for Unreal 3D 'Horde Survivor' game

Unread post by Artus » 26 Feb 2024, 19:53

We are a small indie team situated in Nordvest, Copenhagen, currently looking for an Artistic Lead for our game named Endir. Endir is a 3D Horde Survivors game made in Unreal Engine, with a thematic outset in Nordic Mythology.

Currently the team consists of 4 people:

2 programmers
1 Animator
1 Sound Technician

The work
We are currently working a prototype and the plan is to apply for funding from DFI this spring to help bootstrap the game's development. So with this in mind, your role will be to work on a comprehensive direction and plan for implementation for Endir's art style. Making concepts for characters, environments and props will be the bulk of the task, but we also expect to spent some time bringing the direction to life in the Engine during this short periode. This work will be an important aspect of the application material used to get funding come april.

Endir is a dark fantasy styled game inspired by Nordic Mythology. It will therefore take inspiration from the viking art and architecture - eg. see The anatomy of viking art for examples of different styles. And also be heavily inspired by the Nordic fauna and flora.

The game aims to incorporate narrative elements inspired by the rich mythos of Nordic Mythology into the mechanics heavy gameplay from the Horde Survivors genre. We want the player to experience a more holistic overarching narrative gameplay experience that what is already offered in the existing(very popular) gerne.

We want to make games to enjoy ourselves. Above all that is the goal. Therefore we want to play with people who are: 1)deeply passionate about games, 2) not afraid to make mistakes, 3) value communication and the social aspect of being in a team.

Besides your personal profile we would like to find an Artist that is much more Artist than technical. We have more than enough technical horsepower. The quality we are looking for: is the ability to understand what visually works and what does not, and the ability to communicate these ideas through art.

Education is of course a bonus, but secondary.

We offer
One month internship, followed by a temporary employment contract that will run till the DFI deadline with the promise of contract extension if funding is granted.

If you're interested please send you resume and portfolio to:

Happy game development
Frederik Nygart

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