3D character animator

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3D character animator

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About Us
We are a small indie team based in Nordvest, Copenhagen, currently seeking a talented 3D Animator for our game, Endir. Endir is a 3D Horde Survivors game developed in Unreal Engine, with a thematic focus on Nordic Mythology.

The Team
Our team currently consists of three passionate individuals:

2 Programmers
1 3D Artist

The Role
We are currently working on a prototype to attract a publisher to support the game's development. As our 3D Animator, your role will be to create and implement dynamic animations that bring our characters, environments, and props to life. You will work closely with our 3D artist and programmers to ensure that the animation style aligns with the overall artistic vision of Endir. Your work will be crucial in showcasing the potential of our game to prospective publishers.

About Endir
Endir is a dark fantasy game inspired by Nordic Mythology, drawing from Viking art and architecture. The game also incorporates the rich Nordic fauna and flora. Our goal is to blend narrative elements inspired by Nordic myths with the mechanics-heavy gameplay of the Horde Survivors genre. We aim to offer players a more immersive and holistic narrative gameplay experience than what is currently available in the genre.

About You
We aim to create games we enjoy, and above all, that is our goal. We want to work with individuals who are:
Deeply passionate about games.
Not afraid to make mistakes.
Value communication and the social aspects of being part of a team.

In addition to this we need an animator who is deeply passionate about his work, and want to bring life to humans and creatures in the world of Midgard. It is a big plus if you're also curious about other aspects of game development and have dabbled with this. Furthermore, all work within the team is done in Blender, so knowledge about rigging and animation in Blender is a must.

What We Offer
A one-month internship.
Followed by a temporary employment contract running until we attract a publisher.
If you’re interested, please send your resume and portfolio to: fn@aura-interactive.com

Happy game development!
Frederik Nygart

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