Kapaw! Games is looking for a 3D artist (paid)

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Kapaw! Games is looking for a 3D artist (paid)

Unread post by astridmrefstrup » 08 Feb 2018, 14:35

We are looking for a new 3D artist to join our team small dedicated team in Copenhagen.

The position is projects based 1-2 months full time, starting from Marts.

Your job is to create 3D textured models from 2D concepts illustrations in line with the artstyle of the game.

  • Preferable experienced with Blender
    Must be able to create great looking assets based on artistic direction
    Experienced in working with unity
    Experienced in working with games for smartphone
    Understand the limitations in working with 3D for smartphone.
    Experienced in creating textures
    Experience with rigging, skinning and animation
  • Experience with VFX (particle systems, shaders, post-processing fx)
    Scripting/programming experience
    Also playing magic cards
We are looking forward to receiving a short application with link to your portfolio + cv at Astrid@tripletopping.com

Paw Charlie & Astrid Refstrup

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