Looking for 3Dmodeller(unpaid)

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Looking for 3Dmodeller(unpaid)

Unread post by Spilhuset » 27 May 2018, 18:50

Hey everybody,

We are looking 3D modeller to join the development team for our game Fueled Mayhem.

Responsibilities and duties:
You will be working with character designing(cars), weapon design, object design for the environment, create texturing and a plus with you can create animation.

We already have a visual expression:
The all-over visual expression is realistic cartoony look, so it will look like it could be in a cartoon, however, it will not be a happy aesthetic, but rather a gloomy skewed look and feel. Like a dark and gloomy caricature.
As mentioned before it will be exaggerated and vulgar, so the features of the car will be vulgar. An example could be that the bumper of the car is massive. All the main feature of the car will be highlighted and be a bit more vulgar than normal. The cars will, of course, look like a regular car, but will have an “evil” ankle to it, so it will have a grim look that will bring fear into your enemy’s hearts. The weapons will be very large and dangerous looking, inspiring the player to bring about as much destruction as they can. The same goes for the environment; it will look a little crazy, and a little “wrong”. Like everything is a bit out of place.

The texture will only be colours for the different models. The mesh must tell the story of the design, and the player should be able to identify the object from the mesh. The texture will only add smoothness to the model. In some case, it will not be enough, and there will be added more texture to the model.

To keep the cartoony look, all the model will be 8000 polys, nothing over. This also enables us to provide more with a lower network load.

See an example design example for Fueled Mayhem on the link below.

• Basic 3D modeling skills.
• Basic texture skills.
• Can design a cool model with only 800 polys.
• Basic knowledge and understanding of the video game development process
• Solid English skills (written and spoken)
• In the appointment period where you work on the project. You MUST be willing and fully able to spend at least 10 hours per week on this project (of course when you are on vacation or exam etc. you don’t have to work, you have to inform us so that we can plan accordingly). If you have any doubts about this, please do not apply.

What can we offer you?
It depends on the agreement you choose to make with us. There are two types of agreement. It should be said; we can’t offer money yet. You can start out on agreement 1, and switch to agreement 2 and vice versa, we are quite flexible there.
• Agreement 1: You will join the team for the specific amount of time or tasks. It will be possible to extend the period if both parties agree on it. If you choose this agreement, you will get a recommendation from us, and you can add all the thing you have worked on to your portfolio.
• Agreement 2: You will join the project and follow it to the end. If you choose this, you either get royalties or share of the game.

About the game:
Fueled mayhem is a fast-paced, competitive multiplayer vehicular combat game with a skewed cartoonish aesthetic. Fueled Mayhem has a focus on intense chaotic battles, tuned cars with customizable stats and, huge guns that will create severe holes in your opponent's car. Every projectile weapon requires skill and aim to master.
In Fueled mayhem, the environment will help create chaos in already chaotic settings, since some areas are designed to become dangerous for the player, if they hang out there too long, there will be jumps and ramps everywhere, and the native animals may block your path or run into you.
Join the frantic battle as one of the different drivers, play on different maps and be ready to be thrown into a world of utter chaos and destruction. Drive around in your perfectly tuned car and obliterate everything that moves. There are countless ways to create absolute mayhem in all the different game modes. Your appetite for destruction sets the limit!

We have just released our first demo and starting to have outsiders testing our game. This means that the game is an in a playable state, and we are having fun playing it so far.
The plan for the game is to be released on Steam first, then later on Xbox Marketplace and PlayStation Store.

Current team is:
Tobias Rasmussen – Writer, Project Director, Programmer.
Christopher Hedegaard – Lead Programmer.
Thomas Kerff – lead designer
Ryan Singh Johal – 3D designer
Mads Bloch-Sørensen – Programmer.

What are you waiting for? If you are interested in joining the team, please apply to:
We will review all application, and get back to you soon as possible. It may take up to 10 work days before you hear from us.

You are also welcome to write to us if you have any question.

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