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Invisible Walls - Creative Director/Art Director

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Invisible Walls is looking for a passionate and talented person to join our team as a Creative/Art Director and go on a journey with us on our latest game – project titled “Cainwood”.

Cainwood is an asymmetrical third person multiplayer co-operative game, about deception & survival. Cainwood is a multiplayer-only title and is inspired by board games like Avalon, Werewolves, Mafia, Dead of Winter and digital games like Dead by Daylight, Deceit & Throne of Lies.
Cainwood relies on its engaging cooperative tasks, the necessity for communication with other players as well as its proximity-based voice system to establish enjoyable and dramatic scenarios and encounters. Certain tasks in the game will require players working together, but be careful who you trust, as some of your team mates might not be the ones they pretend to be….

We are looking for an amazing individual who can juggle the creative tasks of defining the Universe in which the game takes place and set the general tone/art style.

When you join Invisible Walls, you will collaborative game studio where everyone is welcome to chime in with their ideas at design meetings, but you will be seen a key asset for whole team. Thus, we will trust your directions and guidance when it comes to art style/world.

  • Design an original and awesome art style for the game.
    Define the rules and laws of the game universe.
    Work closely with other artists and the game director to solve tasks.
    Design environmental and gameplay assets for the world.
    Write the background story of the world.
Experience Required:
  • Extensive knowledge on creative tools such as Photoshop or Illustrator.
    Experience with designing and shipping video games
    Experience working with many different art styles and working creatively within them
    Highly motivated and detail oriented
    Knowledge of how to work in a multidisciplinary studio with a high degree of collaboration.
    Experience playing or understanding, how collaborative/cooperative multiplayer games work.
  • Experience creating concept art and production design.
    A strong motivation and drive to create something brand new that will dictate the future of gaming.
    +5 years of experience with game development.
    Contributions to a large scale game or movie production.

To apply:
If you feel like the above fits you then feel free to send us your application to along with a presentation of yourself, CV and portfolio.

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