Fliptrap Games is looking for an all-around 2D artist

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Fliptrap Games is looking for an all-around 2D artist

Unread post by FlipTrapGames » 01 Aug 2018, 16:44


Independent games studio Fliptrap Games is looking for a talented, all-around 2D artist to assist with concept art and asset production for a vertical slice of our upcoming puzzle platformer Locked Away.

We’re situated in central Copenhagen, working after hours on our debut title - destined for Windows PC and Nintendo Switch. The team currently consists of a project manager, game designer and programmer, all experienced in game development with commercial titles shipped on the cv. The project is financed out of our own pockets, but we’re actively pursuing investment opportunities.

In order to do so, we need YOUR help with creating some kick-ass concept art and assets for a vertical slice of the final game, which will be used to secure additional funding (and finance a long-term relationship with YOU).

We have a small amount of money set aside for the initial job, but are open to increasing the budget if the ideal candidate is found.

So who are you?

We imagine the ideal candidate being experienced in 2D concept art, character creation and simple asset production. For the vertical slice we need 1-3 concepts illustrating the look and feel of the game, a main protagonist character design including simple animations as well as assets for the vertical slice. These assets mostly consist of static level elements such as boxes, platforms etc. We also imagine the ideal candidate having experience with Unity, although this is not a requirement. Perhaps you are a currently a student and/or a hobbyist looking to contribute. Being able to meet bi-weekly in central Copenhagen is a plus.

If you think the above sounds like you, please reach out to fliptrapgames@gmail.com.

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