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Game Music!

Unread post by sidwave » 09 Aug 2019, 03:13

I've made electronic music since 1985.
i'm a very experienced sound designer, and I've made a few 8 bit games with friends in Protovision.
But I have all the big guns, and i can create custom made tracks for your game!
Now, my music is for display at - some of this is for C64 games, but mostly its electronic, and mostly something you can dance to.

Anyway, it shows my music talent very well, so take your time exploring the albums.
I should be able to do cinematic themes, i'm very good with themes.
If you want to try out and have original music created by me, for your game - then contact me!
Some of my friends are game music composers from since 1985, and some of them are creators of some of the biggest games ever.
They entered the biz in 1990, and i became an computer professor. I regret now i didnt go into game biz 30 years ago, but i was thinking "I want to be a programmer" :)

Well, I dont see a lot of musicians on this forum, and i dont know where you get your game music from.
But I am more than ready to make something special for you!

On a daily basis i make music, and do mixing and mastering for clients.
My life has been music since i was 4 years old.. :)

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