3D Animator with Technical Game Experience

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3D Animator with Technical Game Experience

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3D Animator with Technical Game Experience

In CREY games we are building a new, fast and playful platform for making games, building worlds and telling stories.

CREY is a young studio (starting on our 4th year). It is a multinational, multi-cultured company with the design team based in Copenhagen, tech team in Budapest and art direction in Israel.

Our team is a mix of veteran and passionate young game developers in an open-minded and challenging work environment where your ideas will have real weight, while you will have real fun – heck, we even have hot lunch, a game lounge, game nights, & excellent coffee (really excellent coffee)!

Who we look for
So, what we look for is an individual, oriented toward multifaceted work- involving all ends of CREY's animation work spectrum- rigging, skinning, motion, state machine, low poly & high poly.

CREY is an evolving software in Alpha stage and our main creative challenges lie within the integration of motion, user-generated content & the tech that supports both.

Your value to us lies within your ability to bind all these into the best game experience we can offer our users.

Yes, we're here for them!

As an animator in our company, you will be working at the Copenhagen studio, next to Østerport Station and the beautiful Kastellet. To facilitate a smooth coordination and a healthy communication between our Copenhagen and Budapest studios, some travel is required.

The daily work will spread across multiple territories, mainly:
Maintain and adapt to existing Max based animation pipeline;
Potentially modifying Animation pipeline, for example, Max to Maya;
Rigging & Skinning of Bipedal and Non-Bipedal Skeletons;
Develop and advance with Programmers existing State Machines and Character Controls setups;
Animating environmental elements;
Short run: simulating FX via models & animation;
Long run: working with an integrated particle system;
Animating characters, NPCs & props;
Must-have skills & experience:
A solid understanding of the 12 Animation Principles, i.e. A range of humanoid movement through to cartoony styles;
Game related experience;
Ability to manage an animation system from animation to state machine, re-targeting;
Experience with 3DS Max Biped: understanding the setup of a rig, skinning;
Deep knowledge of Autodesk software with a focus on Max- both modeling & animation:
Good feel for motion (not triple-A or realistic);
Experience working through code-based animation;
Advantage skills (but not a must):
Multi-disciplinary knowledge in 3DS Max: modeling, render, etc;
Knowledge of Maya (animation mainly);
Max, Mel, Python Scripting knowledge would be exceptionally beneficial;
Personal qualities:
Have enthusiasm and passion with technical as well as artistic solutions;
Ability to multi-task;
Flexible mindset allowing you to react to new features and changing requests;
Ability to work with a fragmented schedule when required;
Easy going, with a sense of humor & a taste for toonish style;
Proficient in English, both spoken & written​;

We look for a candidate starting in October, but we are willing to wait for the right candidate.

This position is full time

Your application MUST include:

Link to your portfolio
Apply at:

jobs@creygames.com - With the subject: "3D Animator"

https://www.playcrey.com/career/3d-anim ... experience

We are looking forward to working together,
Crey games

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