[Position Filled] 2D/3D artist - Flashbulb Games

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[Position Filled] 2D/3D artist - Flashbulb Games

Unread post by Oleg » 13 Jan 2020, 16:19

We are looking for a student artist who has some experience with creating art for games both in 2D and 3D. You will know your way around 3D asset creation and simple 2D tasks.

Understanding of the technical limitations and requirements for game art creation..
Experienced in the creation and use of textures, normal maps and low poly modelling.
Ability to create an asset from idea to final game asset.
Ability to understand and follow technical direction.
High work ethics and ability to work independently when needed.
Experience in these 3D applications: 3ds Max/Blender, Unity.
Advanced photoshop user.

For everyone, we value
A large dose of self-motivation
That you are caring, passionate, and a nice person to be around and work with
That you share our love for video games

About us
Flashbulb is a small startup studio with big ambitions founded in 2016 and primarily working on Trailmakers: a creative multiplayer construction game where players can build vehicles of all sorts to overcome obstacles in a big world.

Learn more here about Trailmakers at trailmakers.com

We strive to make Flashbulb an awesome place to work. We promise that we are in fact very nice to work with, and we are laser focused on only hiring other nice people. We work out of our freshly renovated offices in the very center of Copenhagen.

We encourage you to apply regardless of your color, gender, hairdo or shoe size as long as you fit the description above.

If you are interested, send an email to jobs@flashbulbgames.com

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