PortaPlay is looking for a game/level design inten (unpaid)

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PortaPlay is looking for a game/level design inten (unpaid)

Unread post by vonknut » 10 May 2021, 11:43

PortaPlay is working on a new title, co-developed and published by multi-Bafta-award-winning DontNod Entertainment (Life is Strange, Twin Mirror, Vampyr etc.). We are looking for an intern to join this project for a limited period.

The position, team and project
You will be able to train your skills in Game and Level design, working with whiteboxing, behavior scripting, mechanics design and balancing, on our new game: a story-driven RPG-lite small-town thriller, that focuses on exploration, choices and poetic audio-visuals (“Disco Elysium meets Night in the Woods”), combining 3D graphics with a painterly style to depict Denmark in the winter of 1945. You will be working in the Design team, with the 3 other designers/writers.

Your tasks will be in these areas:
Setup level layouts, flow and logic with a visual scripting tool
Design and implement branching dialogue, resource and stat checks, and outcomes
Design unique mechanics in existing scenes
Playtest and balance progression between scenes
Research, summarize and present techniques and knowledge in these professional areas

We are looking for someone that has:
Interest in telling stories through gameplay
Experience with:
Game and level design
Visual scripting tools
Game engines, optimally Unity
Ability to research and summarize articles, books, lectures, online blogs and other knowledge sources and present them to a group
Potentially some experience with RPG/Adventure/interactive narrative projects

Practical info
The intern position can be full- or part-time
The position is unpaid
The position is On-site in Denmark (CPH). It can also be remote, if you are really awesome...
The position can begin from August and needs to be 12 weeks minimum (e.g. part of an education-internship programme)
Application Deadline - 25. of May 2021
A short interview will be held with fitting candidates
Mail application to shalev@portaplay.net

About PortaPlay
www.PortaPlay.dk is your friendly neighborhood developer, combining storytelling with deep gameplay. We primarily develop premium games with realistic or real-life inspired topics, themes and settings - with some work-for-hire on the side.
The 12-person team working on the title is English-speaking and organized in a flat structure. We are an equal opportunities employer and encourage people of any and every background to apply.
Hans von Knut Skovfoged - Creative Dir.
PortaPlay - Interactive Entertainment and Learning

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