Game writer / Narrative designer (unpaid)

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Game writer / Narrative designer (unpaid)

Unread post by rdorff » 18 Oct 2021, 11:28

Hi folks,

I'm looking to get some experience working on games as a writer, so I thought I'd offer my services here free of charge.

A bit of background on me:
I'm a professional UX and Copywriter, currently working freelance, with a masters degree in English and Creative writing from Cph Uni and the University of Manchester.

I have very little experience working in/on games, which is why I'm here. I'd love to learn! So, here's a list of things I (might) be able to help you with:
  • UX writing - how to guide players in your games (from UI to tutorial and onwards)
  • Lower level narrative design
  • Quest writing
  • Dialogue writing
  • Character development
There's bound to be tons of other things I might be able to help you with, I just don't know they exist yet. But if you're interested, send me an email here: and let's have a chat about it.

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