Implementing New Toys in Platformer Maker In Early Access

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Implementing New Toys in Platformer Maker In Early Access

Unread post by babyduka » 06 Sep 2019, 22:01

Let me start this article with showing you the DASH feeling: :D



Hi, I'm Jakob. The developer of DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes which is a 2D platformer that gives you just one task: to clear a level as fast as possible. There is no story. Just the right tools to create it. You are the story.

The players create the levels, playlists and worlds for others to explore. The leaderboard will indicate which runners and creators are the best, the smartest and fastest among all. With a bi-weekly update cycle, the game will expand as new game modes, tools, enemies, heroes, tilesets and much more will be integrated. The DASHers have already created well over 250 levels.

Help develop and shape the ultimate action/precision platformer maker today! The world saw the first official DASH demo mid 2018. A lot has happened since!

Check out the Early Access trailer here if you haven't yet:

Welcome to a new update for the Early Access build! 2006 is live including new integrations and enhancements

Buy the game on Steam here: ... ed_Heroes/ - full EA ticket. Supports our project directly.

Full access to all updates, tools, levels and community (bug hunting, feedback and events)

Join our Discord server right here:

Slopes unlocked:

The 2006 build unlocks the Slope tile. For a while the DASHers have been dreaming about this specific classic tile, including new physics and allowing new tactics when designing levels based on enemies' path. Red enemies walk down slopes (but not up) and the Sploder slides down in utter laziness.

(Smooth corners!)

It was a design dilemma whether to make the slopes slippery, whether to allow the player to slide over them Sonic style or whether to make the slope sticky hard to climb?

I ended up going with the "sliding" feeling where you hold the direction you want to move and the player goes up and down all slopes on the way. Hard to explain but it feels really good and exactly like I hoped for. Based on the individual characters' move speed, so slow Heroes still pass slopes slower than the fast ones.

(Fast climber on the Rooftops)

(Steady and good feeling as you slide up and down the slopes)

I had fun designing the new textures for the slopes. I worked it out in Aseprite as usual. Now that we have 4 sets it takes a longer time to update the textures, but really gets me close to the tiles' graphics.

(The slope graphics in Aseprite)

More Boom For the Buck:

During gameplay where DASHer Buenaventura tested build 2005 on Twitch we discovered that the new missile wasn't as effective and bombastic as we had hoped. So for build 2006 I have enhanced the collision code and create_explosion(); scripts!

(BOOM x 4 - the missile now pops 4 explosions on collision with ANYthing)

See you for the next update on Monday 16th of September!


DASH: Danger Action Speed Heroes is developed and maintained by Baby Duka and Schubell IT in Denmark. Published by Baby Duka 2019.

Visit us at



- Jakob

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